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Link Rodeo 11/13/2010

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Dogs are able bedbug busters, but only when backed by humans, via The Vancouver Sun
There goes my theory that I should just buy a trained beagle as a house pet. It turns out you need as astute handler to perform visual inspections in order to confirm any infestation. Some dogs may be “inventing” bedbugs in order to gain a reward such as a treat. That would be just my luck; I’d end up assuming I’m drowning in bedbugs when Sparky just wants some Snausages. As always, it seems our eyes are one of our best lines of defense in the bedbug battle, although dogs do have uncanny abilities to sniff out the little pests. According to the article, it can sometimes be tricky to confirm visually if the dog hits along a baseboard or wall. It’s certainly possible for bedbugs to live in out of the way places like those. And most handlers swear that their training protocols are impeccable.

From Blackfoot to Boise, Idaho bit by bedbugs, via NECN

I thought Boston was always busy spending time trying to prove it’s as good as New York, but apparently Idaho has gotten in on the action. Is travel to blame in bringing bedbugs home to Idaho? That’s one theory proposed in the article, which reports that local pest control companies are seeing a 400 to 500% increase in bedbug-related calls.

Does Pestilence Threaten Our Portfolios?, via Fool.com

Are bedbugs a boon for pesticide manufacturer and all around 800-pound gorilla Monsanto (MON) and Orkin, a unit of Rollins (ROL)? This article points out that about $258 million may have been spent last year on bedbugs, but sadly, no direct proof of a boost to the bottom line for these companies is provided. The money must be floating around too wildly, like in one of those hurricane machines at the mall.

And while some companies may benefit, others clearly stand to lose, such as those in the hospitality industry. This post mentions Alison Trainer’s lawsuit against Hilton in 2007 for about the 746,319th time that the internet has helpfully cited the case while providing no update on the outcome. We’re going to have to look into that one. Did Hilton really have to shell out the $6 mill? Was it settled? Dropped?  I am left positive that I should apply for a job with Fool.com, if no actual reporting is required. I can do that!

School district finds bedbugs (Anchorage, Alaska), via KTUU.com

More with the bridge and tunnel action! First Idaho, now Alaska? Is there no place in America that’s safe? Have they fashioned little rafts and headed for Guam and Puerto Rico yet? The Anchorage school system is using heat treatment on the affected schools after a handful of students have been complaining of bedbug bites since the start of the school year.

The article also helpfully suggests checking beds for “specks” and hanging clothing far away from the bed in hotels (since closets are normally right above beds, eh?). Frankly, we think our advice on hotels and visual inspections is a little better.

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