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Top Bedbug Resorts

Posted: January 11th, 2011 | Author: | | Tags: , | 1 Comment »

Those koo-koo asianimators are at it again, pharmacy with a brief little clip on the top cities for bedbuggery, help culled from the lists at your friendly national pest control. As always, New York is top-a-da-heap!

Deconstructing Bedbugs

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Stefany Anne Golberg, artist, writer, and member of the Flux Factory art collective, has written an extraordinary piece on the existential dilemma of bedbugs.

It begins with the tale of a loft infested with bedbugs.  In the midst of a long struggle against the pests one of the victims declares she does not care about the bedbugs anymore.  For most of us, unthinkable!  Whether we have them or not, we cannot stop caring.  For we are either desperate to get rid of them or terrified we will get them.  From there, Golberg explores the territory of the essential nightmares of our lizard brains:

In our beds, in the dark, we are vulnerable. We succumb to an experience that is more terrifying than death — a living breathing state in which we have no control. We subconsciously tell ourselves a story every night to make the act of sleeping possible: that we will be safe and awaken safely at daybreak. Bedbugs fuck with this narrative. At night, we really belong to the bedbugs, these stupid disgusting creatures we cannot reason with, cannot easily destroy, who are not interested in our food, who will not go willingly into our traps. “Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite” is just another name for nightmares. Close your eyes, it says, and do not dream of evil.

She takes us through Camus’  The Plague and asks us how we would feel about the ancient pests if we imagined they were tiny dinosaurs. Or if we could view flies with the same delight as bees, like tiny winged kittens.  We subject our own relative experience so totally on the existence of these creatures, is it possible to change the lens with which we view them and learn something about ourselves?

For a single, weary loft resident who can’t bring herself to care anymore this “acceptance without resignation” seems tantalyzingly possible.

The Ghost of Bedbugs Past

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Do you ever pick up the newspaper, sale see a headline about a burning building, tadalafil and somehow you know it is the house in which you were born?  Maybe you are an arsonist or maybe you are a narcissist.  In my case, story I happened to catch a headline today that read “Jersey City school infested with bedbugs”, and I could see my old elementary school before me, P.S. 23. It is the oldest public school in the city, built in 1919, with the ornamental facade and murky corners to prove it.  There was a cuban store on the corner where we bought gum and sandwiches, and a paved playground just right for scrapping and skinning knees.  So I click the link and indeed, it was my old school on Romaine Ave. and also George Wendt does not approve.  WTF?

I looked up the story in the Jersey Journal.  Old P.S. 23 is infested, and George Wendt is the concerned parent, angry that the school is not going to close and exterminate, but is attempting to quarantine the floors where the bedbugs were found until school lets out.  This does seem a ridiculous plan, considering that bedbugs are not exactly stationary objects and exhibit an attraction to their food source.  Have legs will travel, people! 

I have gone all sentimental, thinking of the old school.  But this is turned to dismay by thinking of the place having bedbugs.   At least it is a comfort to know that even semi-famous people have to send their kids to dingy old vermin choked schools in Jersey City, as my parents did.  I can tell those kids, the future is BRIGHT.

Can Bedbugs be a Good Thing?

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Of course, our hair trigger response is NO.  And also, NO.  However, we just read this essay by a bedbug victim in Toronto.  She suggests that having bedbugs wasn’t all that bed.  And further, that there was a (gasp!) silver lining.  Even as she describes the extensive cleanup and treatment, she writes that the extermination effort was not so bad, found herself enjoying life with less clutter, and at last had the space to do some home improvement. 

This is the first time we have read a rational account that suggested that a bedbug infestation is anything other than the worst thing that could ever happen to you.  And this pleases us, because such a one-sided over-the-top whinge makes us all seem a bit crazy.  Surely you do not need bedbugs to de-clutter, organize and improve you living situation, but if that’s what happens, you might as well start making that lemonade. And start buying large, sealable bags or clear contractor bags.

Oh no, not Sulu!

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What has this dirty ol world come to? I wake to the news that George Takei has the bedbugs. My coffee tastes bitter, the sunlight mocks me with its clarity.  The day has lost its sweetness, George Takei has bedbugs.  Via the Toronto Sun:

He tells radio DJ Howard Stern, “We were (in New York) last month and nothing happened, and then this month, I’ve been eaten alive.”

Takei blames a trip to the theater.  I blame the whole of this wretched universe, for letting these creatures out of their caves on our hides.

Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

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Social networking my eye.  We declare the person of the year to be the notorious B.E.D.B.U.G.  We found them in boutiques and bars, movie theaters, hotels, schools, hospitals, and even the U.N.  Bedbugs are the are newest hazard for the paramedic.  Just eww.  They go everywhere we go, and will not go away.  You will hear them everywhere talked about.  Ozzy Osbourne has not heard of Justin Bieber, but I guarantee you he has heard of bedbugs.  He is probably in league with them.  They are taken to our leader and they do not come in peace. 

Hats off to you Bedbugs, you are our Time’s Magazine’s person of the year.

“Makeshift bedbug death chamber”

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We have often asked ourselves, why is a “chamber of horrors” always “makeshift”?  Why do not madmen care to construct their chamber of horrors properly? Are we afraid to be seen as thorough and precise when it comes to meting out death?  After all, we are not German.  Anyway, this turn of phrase is an old favorite, so imagine how thrilled we were to see it come up in a description of a heat chamber for killing bedbugs.  From the LA Times:

Interfaith has never had an infestation, but Welch said the risks were so great that they had to stop accepting donated mattresses, even though they are the No. 1 request of people in need.

“We try very hard to fill those needs, but we can’t afford to be giving away mattresses that are then going to go to waste,” she said as furniture baked in the makeshift bedbug death chamber.

Despite the makeshift death chambers, charities are no longer providing used mattresses, although people obviously still need them.  And most charities are also no longer accepting secondhand stuffed toys. Instead, they ask for new, wrapped toys or cash donations, which just makes it that much harder to serve the needs of the poor. 

But this same article from the LA Times has a bit of good news for the poor.  A company called Bedbug Central, working with nationwide pest control agencies, offers free bedbug treatment to the “winners” of an essay writing contest, who have demonstrated a dire need for such free services. 

Eventually, 27 free treatments will be offered, most in the New York area but some as distant as San Diego, if pest control companies in the area are willing to donate services. Interfaith Furnishings, operating out of a large donated space, and Luna were among the first to receive their gifts.

Click here for more information on Bedbug Central and their essay writing charity.

Bedbug Summit

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Good news, there bedbug fans! The second annual Bedbug Summit has just been announced for February 1, unhealthy 2011, purchase and it is open to the public. According to the New York Times:

The E.P.A. said the agenda included examining the infestation issue from the perspective of federal, state and local governments, the housing industry and the pest management industry. Barriers to effective community-wide bedbug control will be discussed as well as ways of addressing the highest-priority needs, the agency added.

We are torn.  We would love to go and find out what the government has planned to save us from bedbugs.  We expect to see Jeff Goldblum in a labcoat, detailing the plans for an anti-bedbug missile.  But we are cautious.  Since it is open to the public, there might be people with bedbugs there. Wherever people are meeting to talk about bedbugs, be careful where you sit!

Beverly Hillbedbugs

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Winter in New York- drab, help cold and slushy. It can be depressing enough to make one consider living elsewhere, like L.A.  Bedbugs are no different, they want the finer things, too. According to the L.A. Times they have hit the Golden Triangle retail district of Beverly Hills and homes and apartments in more than two dozen local communities. 

According to the article, holiday travel may worsen the problem, as bebugs are “excellent hitchhikers”.  Increased public awareness may also have something to do with the rise in reported cases.  In that case, we take personal pride in our role and we look forward to tales of Hollywood royalty slapping bedbugs like so many Zsa Zsas.

For our holiday travel tips on how to make it home without those “excellent hitchhikers”, read more.

A Wee Spot of Bedbugs

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It never occurred to us to wonder how much blood a bedbug drinks, online as compared with other little creatures of nature.  How big a sip of our vital essences.  Thanks to this handy new infographic, ailment we know!

Click image to enlarge.