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“Makeshift bedbug death chamber”

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We have often asked ourselves, why is a “chamber of horrors” always “makeshift”?  Why do not madmen care to construct their chamber of horrors properly? Are we afraid to be seen as thorough and precise when it comes to meting out death?  After all, we are not German.  Anyway, this turn of phrase is an old favorite, so imagine how thrilled we were to see it come up in a description of a heat chamber for killing bedbugs.  From the LA Times:

Interfaith has never had an infestation, but Welch said the risks were so great that they had to stop accepting donated mattresses, even though they are the No. 1 request of people in need.

“We try very hard to fill those needs, but we can’t afford to be giving away mattresses that are then going to go to waste,” she said as furniture baked in the makeshift bedbug death chamber.

Despite the makeshift death chambers, charities are no longer providing used mattresses, although people obviously still need them.  And most charities are also no longer accepting secondhand stuffed toys. Instead, they ask for new, wrapped toys or cash donations, which just makes it that much harder to serve the needs of the poor. 

But this same article from the LA Times has a bit of good news for the poor.  A company called Bedbug Central, working with nationwide pest control agencies, offers free bedbug treatment to the “winners” of an essay writing contest, who have demonstrated a dire need for such free services. 

Eventually, 27 free treatments will be offered, most in the New York area but some as distant as San Diego, if pest control companies in the area are willing to donate services. Interfaith Furnishings, operating out of a large donated space, and Luna were among the first to receive their gifts.

Click here for more information on Bedbug Central and their essay writing charity.

Bedbug Summit

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Good news, there bedbug fans! The second annual Bedbug Summit has just been announced for February 1, unhealthy 2011, purchase and it is open to the public. According to the New York Times:

The E.P.A. said the agenda included examining the infestation issue from the perspective of federal, state and local governments, the housing industry and the pest management industry. Barriers to effective community-wide bedbug control will be discussed as well as ways of addressing the highest-priority needs, the agency added.

We are torn.  We would love to go and find out what the government has planned to save us from bedbugs.  We expect to see Jeff Goldblum in a labcoat, detailing the plans for an anti-bedbug missile.  But we are cautious.  Since it is open to the public, there might be people with bedbugs there. Wherever people are meeting to talk about bedbugs, be careful where you sit!

Beverly Hillbedbugs

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Winter in New York- drab, help cold and slushy. It can be depressing enough to make one consider living elsewhere, like L.A.  Bedbugs are no different, they want the finer things, too. According to the L.A. Times they have hit the Golden Triangle retail district of Beverly Hills and homes and apartments in more than two dozen local communities. 

According to the article, holiday travel may worsen the problem, as bebugs are “excellent hitchhikers”.  Increased public awareness may also have something to do with the rise in reported cases.  In that case, we take personal pride in our role and we look forward to tales of Hollywood royalty slapping bedbugs like so many Zsa Zsas.

For our holiday travel tips on how to make it home without those “excellent hitchhikers”, read more.

A Wee Spot of Bedbugs

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It never occurred to us to wonder how much blood a bedbug drinks, online as compared with other little creatures of nature.  How big a sip of our vital essences.  Thanks to this handy new infographic, ailment we know!

Click image to enlarge.

Bedbug & Beyond

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Well, it was bound to happen. For all your holiday giving needs, Bed Bath & Beyond is featuring a “Bedbug Protection” badge on their home page. It links to their bedbug protectors section.

Most of the products are typically accepted as handy and dandy, like mattress encasements and pillow encasements (although some experts note these are not specifically necessary since bedbugs tend not to congregate in areas that get squished and squashed about). They offer some detection products, including the ClimbUp Insect Interceptor. They also offer a number of sprays, which we have not evaluated. Let’s just say we approach such things with a dose of skepticism, especially the magic travel sprays.

They’re offering Space Bags and BugZip luggage encasements. But what really piqued our interest was this: the Allergy Luxe Bed Bug Storage Bag. It’s nice to know that when we finally get our scientific bedbug colony, our little darlings will have a swanky home! At last, a place to store your bedbugs! Isn’t that what we all really need? Stop using your beds; that is so 2000 and late. If only Prada would throw a hat in the ring and create one.

Thanks to alert reader LBC for the tip!

Norah Jones Brang the Bedbugs

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The internet is blaming Norah Jones for bringing the bedbugs home.  But is it her fault really?  Sure, you can buy her music at Starbucks.  That doesn’t mean you should.  But according to the watchdog article, she has been smacked with a lawsuit alleging that she brought the bedbugs in with her new furniture, following the huge renovation she completed on her home.

One of the residents of an infested building in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill, dishes the neighborhood dirt on the situation, her catty neighbors, and the overwhelming desire to hide from same.

It started with a handwritten sign in broken English on the front door of our brownstone, which is the black sheep of our pristine, historic block. The sign read: “We are bedbugs in the building! Disinfect apartment now!” “Oh, my God. Is it true? I am freaking out! I would rather have gonorrhea than bedbugs!” wailed my neighbor Mary. Or was it Jane? In my decade of living in the building, I’d never really spoken to her—or any of the other tenants.

Bedbugs and misanthropy go delightfully hand in hand in these sordid, city living tales.  I also do not know the other tenants in my building, a creepy assortment of mole people, they are.  If bedbugs came to my flat, I expect a lot of mumbled denials, half english utterances, curses.   At least I do not live next to Norah Jones.

Reader Question of the Week

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Q:  I have been living out of trash bags for two months now, cheap while the exterminator is in and out.  The chaos of all these identical trash bags is driving me crazy.  Is this  really going to help?

A:  Bagging up your stuff after you have cleaned it is useful, but repeatedly rummaging through the bags to figure out which contain cleaned items defeats the purpose of having these items sealed up.  To maintain order in your trashbag world, we recommend you use black bags for items that have not been cleaned/need to be cleaned, clear bags for cleaned items (this way you can also get a glimpse of the contents) and a colored bag for items that need to be disposed of.

Of Bedbugs and Lawsuits

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“There’s Only One Way to Deal With Bedbugs: Release the Sharks.”  So says the Maryland attorney who has been filing some high profile lawsuits, with hefty damages from $100,000 to 3.5 million. 

Christopher Robinette, a professor at Widener University School of Law in Harrisburg, Pa., wrote a review of the lawsuits in the TortProfsBlog, expressing some skepticism about the enormity of the damages being sought.  According to his article, a previous case (Mathias) sets the bar pretty high for securing punitive damages.

Finally, a fairly standard punies regime requires a plaintiff to prove some type of conscious and deliberate behavior on the part of the defendant.  In Mathias, the hotel owners were informed about the bed bugs.  Instead of paying for a $500 extermination, the owners allowed the bed bug situation to fester for nearly two years.  It was widely known the hotel had bed bugs.  There were certain rooms that employees were not supposed to rent out because of the bugs, yet the rooms were rented if there were not enough other rooms available.  Guests were informed the bugs were ticks (as if that’s better!).  Under these circumstances, the court upheld a punies verdict of $186,000.  If proving notice in the Maryland cases will require the discovery of significant facts, for punies the bar is even higher. 

Is bedbug bling the fashion of tomorrow?

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Bedbugs

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The power of Santa compels you!

All you want for Christmas is your bedbugs gone, cialis your bedbugs gone, treat your bedbugs gone.  In the spirit of giving and taking bedbug lives, we wanted to share with you some early xmas cheer from US Bedbugs:

  • Use Coupon Code CL10 at checkout and receive 10% off any ClimbUp Insect Interceptor. Good through December 31st, 2010.
  • Use Coupon Code USBB5 at checkout and receive 5% off any order of $100 or more.  Good through November 24th, 2010.
  • Use Coupon Code BBFREE at checkout and receive Free Shipping.  Good through December 31st, 2010.
  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Movin on Up

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    We have talked about vikane treatment of your moving truck in order to leave your bedbug problem behind you.  But what about the trucks themselves?  I bet you weren’t even thinking about bedbugs the last time you trustingly put everything you owned in a dingy old moving truck, where someone’s else’s treasure of bedbugs may have sat only hours before.  We think about these things.  A lot. 

    Moving companies are starting to think about these things, too.  We read about a company that heat treats its trucks between every move.  They also treat blankets and equipment with organic sprays.  Sounds pretty thorough, which is probably a bit pricey.  But not likely as expensive as treating bedbugs.  We have to assume that Ke$ha is as happy about this as we are.