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Bedbugs in Public Schools

Posted: November 17th, 2010 | Author: | | Tags: , | No Comments »

Though there is disagreement over whether or not the surge in reports (an 88% increase over last year according to the New York Times) constitutes an epidemic, it is clear that people in New York area are sending their bedbugs to school. I spoke with one teacher who does not bring any personal belongings or outer clothing into the school building apart from her keys because “they are everywhere and so many of the kids have them.”

Though the extent of the problem may be up for debate, the response by the school is uniformly criticized, with complaints ranging from a failure to report the problem to the staff, to a kafka-esque procedure in which weeks pass while the infestation is confirmed with an actual specimen before any treatment is implemented.

Makes you long for the simple times where all you could get from children was head lice and chicken pox, doesn’t it?