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Norah Jones Brang the Bedbugs

Posted: December 1st, 2010 | Author: | | Tags: , | Comments Off on Norah Jones Brang the Bedbugs

The internet is blaming Norah Jones for bringing the bedbugs home.  But is it her fault really?  Sure, you can buy her music at Starbucks.  That doesn’t mean you should.  But according to the watchdog article, she has been smacked with a lawsuit alleging that she brought the bedbugs in with her new furniture, following the huge renovation she completed on her home.

One of the residents of an infested building in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill, dishes the neighborhood dirt on the situation, her catty neighbors, and the overwhelming desire to hide from same.

It started with a handwritten sign in broken English on the front door of our brownstone, which is the black sheep of our pristine, historic block. The sign read: “We are bedbugs in the building! Disinfect apartment now!” “Oh, my God. Is it true? I am freaking out! I would rather have gonorrhea than bedbugs!” wailed my neighbor Mary. Or was it Jane? In my decade of living in the building, I’d never really spoken to her—or any of the other tenants.

Bedbugs and misanthropy go delightfully hand in hand in these sordid, city living tales.  I also do not know the other tenants in my building, a creepy assortment of mole people, they are.  If bedbugs came to my flat, I expect a lot of mumbled denials, half english utterances, curses.   At least I do not live next to Norah Jones.