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“Makeshift bedbug death chamber”

Posted: December 15th, 2010 | Author: | | Tags: , | No Comments »

We have often asked ourselves, why is a “chamber of horrors” always “makeshift”?  Why do not madmen care to construct their chamber of horrors properly? Are we afraid to be seen as thorough and precise when it comes to meting out death?  After all, we are not German.  Anyway, this turn of phrase is an old favorite, so imagine how thrilled we were to see it come up in a description of a heat chamber for killing bedbugs.  From the LA Times:

Interfaith has never had an infestation, but Welch said the risks were so great that they had to stop accepting donated mattresses, even though they are the No. 1 request of people in need.

“We try very hard to fill those needs, but we can’t afford to be giving away mattresses that are then going to go to waste,” she said as furniture baked in the makeshift bedbug death chamber.

Despite the makeshift death chambers, charities are no longer providing used mattresses, although people obviously still need them.  And most charities are also no longer accepting secondhand stuffed toys. Instead, they ask for new, wrapped toys or cash donations, which just makes it that much harder to serve the needs of the poor. 

But this same article from the LA Times has a bit of good news for the poor.  A company called Bedbug Central, working with nationwide pest control agencies, offers free bedbug treatment to the “winners” of an essay writing contest, who have demonstrated a dire need for such free services. 

Eventually, 27 free treatments will be offered, most in the New York area but some as distant as San Diego, if pest control companies in the area are willing to donate services. Interfaith Furnishings, operating out of a large donated space, and Luna were among the first to receive their gifts.

Click here for more information on Bedbug Central and their essay writing charity.