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How Dare You!

Posted: November 18th, 2010 | Author: | | Tags: , , , | 2 Comments »

Today we came across the account of a beleagured reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, whose encounter with bedbugs in a New York hotel left him much harrassed.

When I was in New York to interview Isabelle Huppert, I set the clock for 7:30, but I woke at around 5:45 and planned to go back to sleep, when I noticed a little red bug walking on the top of comforter. I was half asleep and didn’t think much about it . . . and then I thought, wait.

Fortunately, the hotel had wifi, and so I looked up bedbugs on the Internet and lo and behold, I realized I was in the presence of a celebrity. His picture was RIGHT THERE.

The poor man, cognizant of the wrath he would incur if he brought home any stowaways, begins a torturous journey through the streets of New York, jacketless, to the dry cleaners, his things taped and bagged.  We highly recommend the article.  He is nothing if not thorough, after recognizing his initial error, in not giving the hotel room a thorough enough check upon arrival.  Following these steps when travelling, it is possible to avert this kind of trouble.

We, too, would be afraid of the wife’s wrath.  But what about Isabelle Huppert?!?  She can probably sense something as distasteful as  bedbug from 50 yards.  It is bad enough she must endure your impertinent intrusion, do not take bedbugs to you interview with Isabelle Huppert.  She will have you killed.