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Bedbug Lonelyhearts

Posted: November 19th, 2010 | Author: | | Tags: , | No Comments »

We talked about dating in the age of bedbugs, ampoule noting what a good thing it can be, unhealthy when you have a supportive partner and how destructive to a relationship, if your partner does not hold your hand in times of crisis, whether it is chemo or bedbugs, or a really bad  haircut.  Sharing problems (and bedbugs!) with another person is also a stressful, maddening situation.  But what if you have no partner?  Can your loneliness be compounded by this loneliest of scourges?  Tess Russell writes eloquently on this topic for the New York Times:

I couldn’t stop coming back to the same question, no matter how much I hated myself for asking it: If I were worth loving, wouldn’t there be a man standing there with me? Some brave guy who would wear his bites stoically, who would carry the heaviest bags and let me take the lighter ones, rip them open fearlessly, and then try in earnest to take my mind off things, if only for one 39-minute dryer cycle.

The feelings she so earnestly recounts are familiar- the pain of starting over in a new place after a breakup.  It is easy to feel unloveable when love goes awry, and bedbugs will only deepen the isolation.  This moving account is worth reading in its entirety, as full of melancholy as it is lacking in self-pity.  If you are friends with the author, please give her a big, warm hug from nixbedbugs.